Sectors : Workplace / Re-Use

Client : Opus North

King’s Court is located in the heart of Leeds and was originally designed and constructed in 1989. Known as the historic quarter, the arrival of Channel 4’s undoubtedly marks a significant step forward for the long-term success of Leeds and the wider area.

The building is set out over seven floors with a net internal area of 50,000 ft² with basement car parking providing. The building was originally designed for the previous tenant Walker Morris who occupied the building from 1989 up to the law firm’s relocation in 2019.

The existing building fabric is being retained, enhanced and extended to provide Grade A office space within the centre of Leeds. Working with new standards, improved hygiene specifications, contact tracing and physical distancing measures are the primary tools for keeping employees safe within their place of work. 12 King Street is a Smart enabled building incorporating Internet of Things sensors throughout and a Building Management System which will provide intelligent building services providing fully automated smart controls, together with monitoring of use of workspaces across the building. This will allow the building and its management team to learn and adapt to the needs of its user and provide greater operational efficiencies and savings. One of the most impressive features of 12 King Street is the 7th floor, with a Communal Sky Lounge providing an inspirational space which opens out on to a 360-degree roof garden providing extensive panoramic views of the Leeds skyline accessible to all the occupiers of 12 King Street and their visitors as a communal space to meet, relax and entertain.