Sectors : Workplace / Re-Use

Client : Astrea Asset Management

DLA were appointed by Astrea Assessment Management to refurbish the existing mews building on Bruton Place, Mayfair. The scheme provides 1400 ft2 of high-end bespoke office space at the first and second floors, as well as an entrance at the ground level.

The proposal includes the refresh of the building’s appearance, an activated office entrance and the improvement to building’s sustainability credentials.

The look and feel creates a refined industrial aesthetic, drawing from the existing heritage features of the mews street. A clean and minimal palette featuring a range of natural textured materials was selected to complement and not to overshadow the retained charm of the existing building.

DLA were appointed to retrofit a few other buildings along the street and thus far have been creating a new refreshed identity for Bruton Place with the same architectural language carried through the refurbished buildings.