Sectors : Healthcare / Community

Client : Aspire Community Benefit Society Ltd

DLA’s graphics team were commissioned by Aspire Community Benefit Society to design a new web site to promote their services.

Aspire provide care and support services to adults with learning disabilities. Aspire ‘spun out’ of Local Authority control in August 2015 and became a Community Benefit Society with charitable exemption. The organisation now has the flexibility to improve the range of services they are able to offer to our customers and partners.
Our team worked closely with the people of Aspire in a series of workshops, designed to help us fully understand the importance of the website working in different ways for different people. Along with this the website was tested to work on a range of different devices so Aspire staff could use the website on the move and could download and have access to a wide range of information at all times.

The Website was developed further into a Business Management System, where Staff can login, search and access documentation and contact list profiles to over 700 Aspire staff to help communication and organisation within the company.