Sectors : Learning

Client : Elliott Group Ltd

DLA and Elliott were appointed by the Education Funding Agency to deliver nine primary schools around the country using design and build offsite components.

Our aim was to put the learner (rather than modular rules) at the centre of the solution and deliver on educational need, functionality, compliance, and sound school design practices. The intention of this work is to make the process of design, engagement, production and installation of the Elliott designed primary school as efficient as possible for the off-site market.

The flexibility of our modular solution has many benefits over other types of standardised schools. Ours is a Hybrid of Lego, Meccano and BIM enabled clusters, transformed into physical form. We can demonstrate system flexibility and its use as a design tool during early engagement and offer a range of interchangeable parts based upon sound modular engineering principles.

Our solution offers layers of flexibility and choice that will make each project unique to its locality and specific needs.