Sectors : Homes / Workplace

Client : U+I \ Telford Homes

DLA Architecture submitted plans for a new mixed-use development delivering new homes, public realm and workspaces for small businesses in a unique Borough, historically known as the seat of the Arts and Crafts movement and still a hub of creative activity. The planning committee voted unanimously for a ‘resolution to grant’ planning permission.

The scheme is designed to open up the site for the local neighbourhood through the inclusion of a new public square and dedicated pedestrian access throughout. The development is less than 150 metres from Blackhorse Road station, and aims to transform the current 3-acre industrial site into a new landscaped environment with 337 new homes and commercial space for businesses.

The site has been rebranded as Equipment Works, to acknowledge the rich history and heritage of the site, which was originally the home of the Associated Equipment Company Factory. The factory was responsible for manufacturing motorised London buses until 1927, with these prototypes going on to shape the design of the Routemaster bus. We have taken inspiration from the patterns, design and typography found in these historic vehicles as well as historic landscape patterns in the locality to influence the proposed landscape designs, signage, street furniture and play elements.