Sectors : Community

Client : DLA Design

LEEDS ILLUMINATIONS is a multi media installation by DLA Graphics, which illustrates a specially commissioned poem of the same name by the poet David Annwn, using photography, drawing, typography, digital animation and graphic design.

David’s poem celebrates many aspects of life, culture and the diversity of the City of Leeds (poem below).


Constellation on a river
by night-time blazing

and City Square with statues:
Nouveau nymphs raising their torches,

swift-flowing, a purposeful crowd
surging home, dreams glittering above

clean lines of high apartments
with the whole panorama: pubs, offices,

clubs and cafes, studios and coloured maps
rising towards us, plans taking form,

out of these voices emerging
wide- angled streets, our barter and verve

and laughter, from Trinity’s
wool-packed horse to the Corn Exchange’s

soaring dome, as if a city
ascends from its cocktail bars around us

the gondolas of perfume counters
and pristine shopping centres,

the i-phone cover sellers
and soup-queue churches

arcades, majestic arches and sun
reflected off frontages, everyone

included in a promise of risk rewarded
and places of light to come together

reflected in renewal’s glow
gold in the eyes of benevolent owls.

David Annwn 2017