Sectors : Masterplanning / Workplace

Client : Olympia Park Developments Ltd

The development of Olympia Park represents an opportunity to extend and grow the qualities that make Selby a great place to live, work, invest and visit.

High quality sustainable design is a key aspiration for the regeneration of this site and this detailed planning application presents the first opportunity, as it includes a new, small scale, single storey gatehouse and administration building located off the new access road to the existing Potter Space employment site.

In accordance with the vision for Olympia Park, this first new building will provide a gateway and create a sense of arrival into the existing employment site, helping to promote Selby as a business destination within the sub region.

Olympia Park Developments Ltd consider it important that this small building extols the key principles of social, environmental and economic sustainability as a paradigm for the future development of the site. Indeed, holistic, sustainable design is at the heart of the design philosophy.

As a key gateway to the Potter Group site, the proposed Potter Space Gateway and Administration Building will become a small, but important beacon signaling the beginning of regeneration.