Sectors : Leisure / Workplace / Masterplanning

Client : Blueprint & Igloo

DLA won the opportunity to submit a design for both the masterplan and the Accelerator building for the extension of the Highfields Science Park. With Halcrow Yolles, we based the design on a principle of stretching the existing nature reserve running along the south edge of the site across the proposed area. This master plan then provided a genus loci for a series of highly sustainable buildings.

The buildings are based around a high efficiency continuous sectional footprint with the opportunity to adjust and re-adjust the potential internal area breakdown. Subsequently the secondary spaces such as vertical circulation, shared meeting rooms, administration offices, wcs and loading areas, are plugged in along the edge of the repetitive section. A tight external elevation is then wrapped around the buildings. The site has a fully pedestrianised ground plane across a mixture of hard and soft landscaping.