Sectors : Learning

Client : University of Leeds

DLA have worked at the University of Leeds Students Union on a number of projects spanning over 10 years. The most recent and most ambitious to date is a complete £15 m internal reorganisation masterplan of their key spaces and circulation areas to improve accessibility, legibility & wayfinding along with improving student social space and unlocking the commercial potential of some of their less popular retail spaces.

This project includes a new build 3 storey southern entrance space and the opening up of an existing light well to provide a central atrium focal point along with a rationalisation of the accessibility strategy, the complete refurbishment of 3 cafes & bars, 2 theatre spaces (130 seat & 200 seat spaces), 3 new dance studios, multifunctional ‘Market Square’ for various student led enterprises with tenanted food and retail outlets around the edge. A newly refurbished main entrance foyer links into the new central atrium which taps into the refectory entrance increasing potential footfall into the Union and visually connects the facilities on offer on upper and lower floors that were previously hidden.

After a long consultation process with the student societies and user groups, and development of a robust phasing strategy to keep the building operational throughout, two of the three phases are now complete with the third phase completed in August 2017.