Sectors : Leisure

Client : Surfworld Ltd

Surfworld will be a £25 million indoor water theme park twice as big as the largest water park in the UK – a fantasy land of sun, surf and exciting water rides for all ages. It is filled with watery adventure playgrounds for children, surfing for teens, rides for everyone and a beach to take it all in.

In addition the facility will have a bespoke spa facility and an internal ‘West Coast America’ boulevard filled with restaurants, café huts and retail shops.

The aim was to capture the visitor’s imagination from the very start by creating 3 main zones beginning with the walk up to the resort through landscaped “sand dunes” which lap up and over the building and drift inside. Once through the doors visitors enter a ‘West Coast American’ surf town with views to the beach resort beyond. The scheme includes a kinetic façade system that creates wave like forms driven for free by the slightest wind and the concept idea that internal and external lighting will be switched and colour changed by reference to the orbit of the moon; a direct link to the natural creation of waves.