Sectors : Industry / Workplace

Client : Unilever

DLA have worked closely with Unilever since July 2013 in the development of their vision for an Advanced Manufacturing Centre. Several options were considered taking into account the existing buildings on site and the land available for development and connectivity with the existing facilities.

Unilever’s brief required specific attention be given to the front of house internal and external design, as well as a detailed focus on the very specific operational requirements of the proposed AMC facility.

The AMC design allows Unilever Scientists and Engineers to create consumer driven innovations and instantly scale them for Unilever’s global supply chain. The processes include new product and packaging development with “Scaling-up” for factory production of Unilever’s personal care and home care products.

The building provides a flexible facility that can “Pilot” both new and transformational technologies. The AMC houses both replica production and pilot / test equipment in conditions matching those found within Unilever’s main production sites around the globe.

Internal functions of the AMC closely collaborate with the Materials Innovations Factory (MIF) which is at the heart of the science campus of the University of Liverpool. Both the AMC and MIF are configured to allow close working with Unilever’s industrial and academic partners.