Eden Square

Revitalising heritage for student living

344 Student Bedrooms, associated landscaping and amenity space
Homes, Re-use
344 Student Bedrooms, associated landscaping and amenity space
Homes, Re-use
Kier Property Developments with AIG as fund
Architecture, Interior Design, Conservation

01 Site History

Preserving Coventry's Medical Heritage

The site includes a former Outpatients’ Clinic (1909) and Nurses’ Home (1906) for Coventry and Warwickshire Hospital which has been derelict for several years. During this time, fire damage to the interior of the Nurses’ Home had occurred and historically the building had suffered bomb damage during World War II. Due to the deterioration of the historic fabric and water ingress extensive dry rot had spread through the lower floors of the building.

02 Community and Stakeholder Engagement

Engagement for Heritage Enhancement

Extensive collaboration and consultation with local heritage bodies and the community helped ensure that the redevelopment respects and enhances the site’s historical value. We worked alongside Coventry City Council and Heritage groups to align our plans with community values and heritage conservation principals to create a cohesive scheme that complemented the surrounding area. 

03 Project Narrative

A New Chapter for Historical Buildings

Through a journey of adaptation from dilapidated heritage buildings to sustainable, vibrant student accommodation we sought to honour the buildings past while preserving it for the future and addressing the pressing need for student housing in the area.  


We utilised the original octagonal “waiting area,” transforming the space into a student common room, a central hub with a unique sense of please where all rooms and facilities radiate from. The scheme provides private dining space, a laundrette, cinema room, gym, and group study space. We sought to promote interaction between residents, improving health and wellbeing and fostering a sense of inclusivity and community.  


Within the constraints of the grade II listed Nurses Home, lifts were introduced, and ramps were integrated within the external work improving access to the original building. 

04 Context

Responsive Urban Integration

Carefully considering the urban context and enhancing the streetscape along Stoney Stanton Road the project contributes to the revitalisation of the surrounding area, integrating historical and modern elements. The scheme respects the site’s location adjacent to other significant landmarks, fostering a sense of continuity within Coventry’s architectural tapestry.

05 Approach to Design

A New Chapter for Historical Buildings

The architectural strategy ensures that new interventions are sympathetic to the original structures. The two listed buildings retained from the original hospital site informed the design principals of the new build structures resulting in a commonality and shared aesthetic across the site. Our approach balances heritage conservation with contemporary needs, by preserving the listed buildings the project retains the site’s character while integrating modern amenities and sustainable design principles. 

06 Passionate about Delivery

Commitment to Quality and Heritage

The project team’s dedication to delivering high-quality student accommodation while respecting the site’s heritage is evident in every aspect of the development. From meticulous planning to careful execution, the focus remained on creating spaces that are both functional and historically informed. 


Through conversion of the existing buildings, particularly the adaption of the Nurses Home to modern student use, a unique fire strategy was established to suit the existing building constraints – designed as ‘hotel style’ accommodation based on a single corridor access, the bedrooms and cluster kitchens were still defined as ‘clusters’ to create a sense of community and less of an institutional feel. 

07 Collaborators

Main Contractor: Clegg Construction 

Structural Engineer: 3E Consulting

M&E Engineer: Ambivent / Elite

Fire Engineer: BB7

Investment: AIG 

The project employs innovative construction techniques and materials that complement the existing structures while meeting modern sustainability standards. The use of contemporary building solutions within a historical framework exemplifies the project’s innovative approach to redevelopment. 

08 Climate Leadership

Sustainable Living for the Future

With sustainability at its core, the project incorporates features such as enhanced insulation, natural ventilation, and solar panels, achieving a BREEAM Very Good rating. These initiatives underscore the project’s commitment to reducing its carbon footprint and providing an environmentally responsible  environment. 

09 Final / Unexpected outcomes

Enhanced Heritage Appreciation

An unexpected outcome of the redevelopment is the heightened awareness and appreciation of Coventry’s medical heritage. The project not only provides a functional use for the former hospital site but also serves as an educational resource, highlighting the importance of preserving historical assets for future generations. 

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