We reimagine existing buildings to realise their new potential. Preserving character and history while meeting contemporary needs.

Increasingly we are being asked to develop options for the reuse of existing structures. We are passionate in our search for special characteristics within our schemes and seek to enhance uniqueness and transform seemingly unremarkable buildings into beautiful, useful buildings fit for modern requirements. 

Employing a retro first approach, we look at options for the reuse of existing structures in the first instance, reverting to new build solutions only if this is not a viable option.  

The benefits that can be achieved with this approach are numerous. Re-using an existing structure reduces the environmental impact associated with new construction and helps to preserve the character of an area, bringing new life to neglected buildings which are often loved by the community. We rise to the challenge of creating flexible and adaptable spaces within existing envelopes where opportunities for innovation and adaptability can be intertwined with cost and time efficiencies.

Our expertise within the adaptation of existing buildings spans across various sectors and building types, providing a comprehensive catalogue of knowledge that we take forward on to any new project.