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Enrique Nieto Felipe

Job Role: Architect


Enrique Nieto has joined the workplace team of the London Studio in October 2022 as a qualified architect. He has previously worked at Squire & Partners, Hopkins and Blair Associates.

Enrique has experience across a variety of sectors including conservation, commercial and residential. For the past 5 years he has worked on a diversity of projects such as a mixed used development called The Candle Factory; the restoration of the Thomas Goode showroom, a Victorian city block with a new restaurant and five-star service departments; the refurbishment of the Grade I listed building 6 Grafton Street into a private members club and most recently a refurbishment of a Victorian 5-storey building on Pencross Street, to provide new workspace.

Enrique’s passion lies within the heritage sector, and he is particularly interested in the construction of contemporary insertions into the historic fabric.

Other Interests:

Interest outside of work include sewing, theatre in all its forms and climbing

Favourite Design / Building:

Neues Museum