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Mitesh Dabasia


Joining DLA Architecture in 2015, Mitesh brings a wealth of expertise as a qualified architect specialising in major comprehensive commercial refurbishments across Central London.

His skills encompass project running, technical design, and seamless project delivery. Mitesh thrives on problem-solving and excels in complex façade construction and boutique interior detailing, ensuring robust collaboration with both clients and contractors. Having delivered some of our most valued projects, his experience allows him to provide technical guidance across several commercial projects, contributing to our team’s success.

His passion for architecture, coupled with diverse interests, allows him to bring a balanced, dynamic approach to every project he undertakes at DLA.

Beyond the workplace, he is committed to a healthy lifestyle, enjoying activities such as running, playing 5-a-side football, and practicing yoga. He also cherishes quality time with his family, which keeps him grounded and inspired.