Beal High School

Making a lasting difference to the families of Redbridge

Morgan Sindall Construction & London Borough of Redbridge
Architecture, Landscape, CDMC
Completed in 2014
BREEAM Excellent

Beal High School is a place full of energy.

Expanded and developed in 2011 in collaboration with Morgan Sindall our design provides a total of 840 student places, expanding the school from 8 to 12 forms of entry.

01 Revitalising the Campus

The school faced challenges stemming from multiple expansions, resulting in overcrowded corridors and a mismatch of architectural styles. We were appointed to develop a comprehensive masterplan for the site to overcome these issues and transform the campus into a student-centric, safe, and coherent campus. 

02 Innovations in KS3 School Building Design

Central to the project was the construction of a new KS3 school building south of the main structure, featuring state-of-the-art facilities including general and specialised classrooms, science labs, an art studio, a learning resource centre, and assembly and sports hall. The redesign extended to the main entrance and reception areas, addressing security concerns while fostering a welcoming atmosphere and enhancing connectivity across the campus. This design philosophy was replicated throughout the new KS3 school, creating legibility and a sense of a ‘family of buildings’ across the site. 

Science Studio with rooflight over for additional daylight within the classroom.
Glazed roof turrets with integral louvres within the central circulation spine, allow for natural ventilation and natural light to spill into the area creating a calming environment. Open balcony's provide visual connections to floors below and daylight into the heart of the school building.
Connectivity glazing within the stair cores provides visual connections to the landscape whilst also providing passive supervision of pupil circulation promoting good behaviour. Stair widths are designed to accommodate pupil movement around the building minimising pressure points for lesson changeovers.
General teaching classroom Large glazed screens provide passive supervision of the circulation space and views into the classroom for teacher training and learning.
Specialist Science Laboratory with integrated teaching walls including interactive screens and additional storage space within the classroom.

03 A Collaborative Approach

The DLA project team was praised by the client for their joined-up thinking and responsiveness to changes in the brief, resulting in a design that balances a cost-effective approach with inspiring interior design which reflects the school’s creative specialism of Media Arts. 

04 Sustainability

The new building has been designed to BREEAM Excellent rating and sets new benchmarks for sustainability in education, including features such as rainwater harvesting, photovoltaic cells and a combined heat and power plant. 

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