Our Team

Emily Ridings

Job Role: Part I Architectural Assistant


Emily graduated from Sheffield School of Architecture in July 2022. Having a keen interest in sustainability, she was a member of the Students for Climate Action Group and was responsible for promoting events and raising awareness on social media.

She is passionate about the relationship between architecture, people, and wellbeing. In her final year, Emily wrote an illustrated dissertation that compared and contrasted Bethlem Royal Hospital, London with Södra Älvsborg Hospital Psychiatric Clinic in Sweden. Her research focused on the history of psychiatric architecture and evaluated the effectiveness of different architectural approaches to accommodating patients whilst also promoting wellbeing.

Emily is also extremely interested in Brutalism. In 2022, she was awarded a commendation in the Denis Mason Jones Sketching Awards for her hand drawing of Park Hill flats, Sheffield. Visiting the Stack in Manchester further piqued her interest in the possibilities and controversies of retrofitting Brutalist buildings.

In her free time, Emily enjoys creating bespoke artwork for a variety of customers worldwide through an Instagram business that she created, which currently has over 24,000 followers.