Former Yorkshire Post Site

A new chapter for Leeds' West End

Wellington Street, Leeds
Approx. 1782 student beds and 348 build to rent apartments
Wellington Street, Leeds
Approx. 1782 student beds and 348 build to rent apartments
Planning Approved

This redevelopment project transforms the former Yorkshire Post site into a vibrant, sustainable, urban neighbourhood in Leeds. Encompassing a trio of structures, including two purpose-built student accommodation towers and a residential building for city dwellers, the initiative is set to redefine the Western gateway into Leeds City Centre.


01 Site Renewal

At its core, the project merges modern living with a nod to the site’s storied past, emphasising green spaces, community integration, and state-of-the-art sustainable living solutions. Through architectural innovation and a deep commitment to environmental stewardship, the development aims to create a dynamic, inclusive public realm that caters to the evolving needs of its residents while contributing positively to the city’s urban landscape and its green future with a commitment to embody the RIBA 2030 Climate Challenge.

Our design concept embodies the former uses of the site, originally a woolen mill and latterly, a paper mill represented through the introduction of weaves and folds within the facade, whilst also embracing the local characteristics of the conservation area through the use of materiality and tone. The balance of student accommodation and built to rent apartments seeks to create a vibrant community which contributes to the city’s growth. The three new residential towers stand at 42-storeys, 32-storeys and 25-storeys step down towards the new riverside walk development, creating new connections towards the city centre. 

This site, historically home to the Yorkshire Post & Evening Post, carries a rich cultural heritage. Originally a focal point for Leeds' printing and journalism, the area will transition from an industrial hub to a landmark of urban renewal. The project embraces this legacy, aiming to transform the site into a vibrant residential and community space while honouring its past.

02 Massing Development

The scheme has faced significant and challenging constraints in relation to south westerly winds which has driven the site planning. The overall massing and orientation have been meticulously developed through CFD testing and wind tunnel modelling to create a comfortable environment for the public to use.

03 Public Realm

Situated at a strategic entry point to Leeds’ City Centre, the development is designed to seamlessly integrate with the surrounding urban fabric by reflecting the sites’ heritage and creating a strategic city gateway. Our plans include considerable new public realm, which extends to almost 62% of the site area, and creates a new open space on the riverside, including an outdoor gym, and a major piece of public art through the reinvention of the iconic Yorkshire Post tower to provide a new home for the clock & temperature gauge. 


Further features include a ‘Miyawaki’ micro-forest which can grow into a self-sustaining ecosystem within 20 years and act as an oasis for biodiversity whilst also providing the benefit of carbon capture and improved air quality. Biophilic structures all feature as a part of the site wide public realm, art and microclimate strategy and were developed in conjunction with Landscape Architects, Studio 413 and Wind Consultant, Buro Happold and RWDi.

04 Commitment to Sustainability

Emphasising sustainable design and construction practices, the project aims to align with the RIBA 2030 Climate Challenge. Innovations include air source heat pumps, photovoltaic panels, and a focus on reducing carbon footprint, demonstrating leadership in climate-conscious development. The maximisation of these initiatives have informed the current technical development of our design.

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